Set Za Prevenciju Uši Lice Crew - Uključuje Čišćenje Šampon, Hranjiva Klima-uređaj, Sprej Od Metvice i Češalj Za Uši-Terminator, Šampon Protiv Ušiju, Prevencija, Rezultati u Klinici za Pola cijene.

Set Za Prevenciju Uši Lice Crew - Uključuje Čišćenje Šampon, Hranjiva Klima-uređaj, Sprej Od Metvice i Češalj

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EFFECTIVE - It has proven to repel head lice using a specialized proprietary blend of essential oils clinically proven to repel head lice.GREAT VALUE - This kit includes the 3 best lice prevention products plus Terminator Lice Comb.ALL NATURAL - It is made of a pesticide-free and all-natural formula.SAFE CLINICAL RESULTS at home at a fraction of the cost.VERSATILE - It can be used on all hair types.The Lice Crew is dedicated to keeping you and your family free of lice.With our top of the line lice treatment and prevention products, you can help rid your loved ones and your home of the pesky parasites.The Majority (98%) of all head lice cases found today are the new mutant strain of lice, termed ‘super lice,’ which are resistant to over the counter treatment and prevention products.Along with not only being ineffective, these products contain harmful pesticides and chemicals, which worried us as they were being left on children’s scalps for significant periods of time, and often the process had to be repeated.The Lice Crew is proud to have developed and offer 100% pesticide-free, all natural, safe and effective products to now assist families in their fight against head lice.Our products treat lice, super lice, and nits all with one formula!The Lice Crew Head Lice Prevention Kit includes three layers of protection in just one kit, and a comb, available at a great price.This kit is perfect for the whole family, children attending overnight camp, and school or daycarewhere there could be potential carriers.The kit includes Lice-Free Shampoo (8oz), Lice-Free Conditioner (8oz), Lice Mint Prevention Spray (8oz), and our Terminator lice comb.All of the included products are pesticide-free, all-natural, safe for daily use, and safe and effective in repelling head lice.We are dedicated to helping you care for yourself and your family, and our Lice Crew Head Lice Prevention Kit will clear your family and home of lice and nits and prevent them from returning or arriving.

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Šampon za ZAŠTITU od uši pomaže ženama da se spriječi Zaraza вшами u budućnosti – Prirodni, netoksični, Bez pesticida, uz ugodan prirodni miris, Hypoallergenic, siguran i jedn

Uklanja uši i njihova jaja (gnjida).Нетоксичен, na bazi enzima.Sigurno, prirodno i učinkovito 23 primjene na bocu, uključujući i 1 plastični češalj za uklanjanje jaja.Nevjer

Uređaj za zaštitu od uši pomaže u sprečavanju infekcija вшами u budućnosti, istovremeno кондиционируя vaše kose uz pomoć znanstveno razvijenih prirodnih otopine.Sva